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Hi everybody! I am working on an app, HereWithMe (, based on my experience as a woman in the tech industry (spoiler: not great). I threw together a "Coming soon" page and I was hoping to get feedback from other women to gauge interest and see if the MVP was worth building or not.

Basically, I want to build an app to pair women (for now, but in the future want to open it up to any marginalized group of people) for a ~30 min voice or video chat. I've been struggling with office politics at my current job, and my husband, also a software engineer, connected me with some of his more-experienced-than-me fellow woman engineers and I found it really cathartic to hop on a Zoom and trade stories with them.

Anyway, really looking forward to hearing what you all think! I've been going back and forth thinking this is a dumb idea, which is why I only built the landing page so far. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jess! I think this is a great idea and one that I immediately signed up for. As said below, I suppose you need a few hundred in the first place to get it really going, but I can't imagine women in the tech/business/start-up field not being interested in this. It would be cool if you were paired for a fixed amount of time, not sure what would be the perfect amount but for argument sake, lets say a week-two weeks, then it rotates. At the end of the month, a cluster forms and you can all feedback to each other what you learnt to amplify the learning and progress involved for all. Apologies if this isn't the kind of feedback you were looking for but essentially, I think its great and I am waiting to get my subscription confirmed! Best of luck with it and really hope it takes off.


From a general viewpoint, you have addressed a lot of questions before they even pop up.

For an app of this kind the problem is usually numbers, or say catch 22. You may want to address that starting from now.

You could say join the waitlist of 25+ or 50+ or your current number+ and when you launch, you display number of online users/total active users from the last 24hrs. I mean no one would want to join/use if there aren't others using it because of this app's nature. So my point is, let your visitors know others are using it as you iterate.

From the website part you have every other aspect to make someone join or try your app but I would personally recommend working closely with your early members.