By bhumi1102

Over time, number of people here have mentioned that they're learning to code or looking to develop technical skills in general. I want to be helpful so I thought I'd try an experiment here.

Learning is ultimately all about asking questions. So what *questions* do you have?

Iā€™m offering recorded answers - screencast, video, audio depending on the question and what makes sense.

How: Reply to this message or DM me I will go through the most frequent questions and record short answers (2-3 minute).

What do I get: practice recording verbal explanations (vs. written) for my 30 day personal challenge :)

What do you get: concise and clear answers to your burning technical questions! :)

You might be wondering what type of questions? Conceptual questions are best, things that you cannot easily google. For example "why do I need to use Git and what is version control?"

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