By bbnnmm09

Afternoon everyone! 👋🏾

I'm going to start selling some services via a market place app as an alternative to my Fiverr account/profile:

I'm frustrated with the low ball pricing, fee's, and how long it takes to process payment. The goal is to list services such as for virtual assistant services in packages and custom orders.

For large projects such as web design, e-commerce stores, and video production i'll require clients to submit a “project inquiry”.

Right now it's kinda like a colored wireframe😅. I'm going to start updating prices, descriptions, and forms in a bit.

The old version:

After spending so much time on it, I realized I wanted the marketplace app instead and this is what I'm working on now:

I’ve been hooked up on it being perfect, but at this point… if folks are able to buy at least 2 services, I'm ok with that for now and will update on the go.

I created this feedback doc here:

I plan to keep the app in Boundless it's very new so has some restrictions. It doesn't have all the flexible design capabilities such as Webflow, but it really works for what I need and has much potential. Especially since the founder has been right by my side helping out.

Appreciate all feedback, Thank you to everyone!

p.s. Free to take on work and orders now btw 😀.

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