By Clo_O 🌺

Hi everyone! I'm Clo, founder of This Too Shall Grow and certified digital wellbeing coach. I recently published by workbook and cohort course: Tech Bliss 🥳

Tech Bliss contains hand-picked 30 experiments to help you use your tech devices in a way that actually serves you: your attention, your productivity, your creativity, and your mental health. It's 121-page long, with over 200 journaling & self-reflection prompts, directly actionable ideas for your digital wellbeing, a directory of digital wellbeing tools, and a lot of love & care.

In the cohort course, we will go through the 30 experiments together, one day each, similarly to a 30-day challenge - weekends excepted, because we need to disconnect sometimes too. This is a 6-week mostly async group experience: we'll exchange in a private async community - not on Slack or Discord - to make for a calm & cosy online space. We'll have optional calls once a week with mini-workshops on digital wellbeing, live AMAs, tips & feedback, and we’ll keep each other accountable. The course is currently discounted at -10%, and starts on February 20th!

Check it out!

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