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Hey there! very happy to be here 🙂

I am starting this year with a maker spirit. I am usually more of an indie lurker but hey this year I am challenging myself to ship a new project every month or so (I wrote more about that on )

And this is why I need you! I worked as a talent/recruiter for the past 5 years for growing start-ups. For the past 6 months I helped a gaming studio launch their web3 game and this industry, talent-wise, is amazing. It is filled with tech and non-tech professionals ready to jump in, full-time, part-time, as contributors (and all over the world).

While we didn’t struggle finding tech talent (more groups, job boards already existing), we had a hard time finding non-tech talent to join our project (no dedicated hubs, job boards, groups). Even though there is a strong demand across web3 projects!

Li Jin puts it best "Web3 is hungry for non-technical traditional start-up roles like: Product Management, Design, Business Dev, Finance, Recruiters." (

I have a few ideas to create something around this, and currently validating / fine-tuning the idea. If you’re a non-tech professional involved (or wanting to be) in web3, I would love to talk to you 😊 (also a cool occasion to meet!)

Here is my calendly:

ps: very excited to build my first products, but so afraid at the same tiiiiime

Cheers and great week to all of you women makers,

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Excited to see what you’ll build! 😎