By hua

Hi everyone! Twitter is a great way to build a supportive community and acquire potential users. In the past couple of months, I have been trying to grow on Twitter as part of my startup/indie hacking journey.

One thing I notice is that I had better results when I consistently show up on Twitter, tweeting or making comments under people's tweets. When I first started on Twitter it was difficult. It was hard to find tweets to respond to. To be honest, it is still hard nowadays. Sometimes I get too lazy looking for things to comment on.

As a way to solve that and help those of us that want to grow on Twitter, I am starting a free daily newsletter. I will send you three tweets to respond to. I'm already doing this for my cofounder via email and she's been enjoying it so far. so I thought I open up this project to everyone who wants to grow on Twitter. It is probably more helpful if you are on a small personal account, trying to grow your followers.

The tweets will be entrepreneurship/start-up orientated at the beginning. If there are many folks interested, I will send out surveys to get ideas from you about additional topics of interest.

if you are interested, you can sign up here:


Hope you can join to grow together!

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