By bhumi1102 ・2 comments’s as bad as the last two combined :P
People are probably tired of BF sale announcements so thought I’d start with a joke. Plus, this joke indeed in the book, in the recursion chapter.
I've made the eBook 50% off* at (the one I launched with the Just F***ing Ship It challenge).
It’s an explanation of fundamental web programming concepts for any curious non-technical founder/designer/product maker or early-stage developers.
If you want to just read a chapter, you can grab it here for free
*If you live in an area where Stripe payment is not a thing or currency is not $ equivalent, please send me an email with the subject “I want the book” and I’ll take care of it, no explanation necessary [my email is at the bottom of the page]
What I would appreciate in return is some feedback on what was helpful. My goal with this writing has been to make learners feel encouraged and confident because they really ‘get it’ [and to combat a lot of jargon heavy tech explanations that make learners feel confused and discouraged]

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Oh my god, that joke x)