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Hi fellow makers! is ready, a collection of tweets, books and articles from women in tech. I wanted to created a positive echo chamber :)

This no-code challenge has been very rewarding for me - as part of the research I needed to discover and follow more women in tech, so I have about 300 new Twitter profiles I follow that have already changed my feed drastically with very valuable and identifiable content.

The site is very bare and created in Notepad using the regular Twitter embeds. I plan to add 1 book a day, 2 articles a day *consistently*. I've found that the content is out there, is just a matter of surfacing it regularly. The tweets are autogenerated from the list of all of the great women in tech I could find 👩‍💻

Feedback welcomed!
Thanks Marie and the entire community - I already am very grateful enbarking on this; my life is already better as a result of this community ❤️

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