By Rashatra

I'm building a platform to help small-scale seafood harvesters sell directly to consumers. For fishermen, the pandemic has forced a pivot away from full reliance on wholesale, restaurants, and export markets for distribution, and provided a significant tailwind for direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales.

But there are infrastructure needs associated with the DTC channel which need to be built. Technology solutions that can support the rapid increase in consumer demand and the marketing infrastructure to inform those consumers about the expanded purchasing options.

Fisher Direct tackles both needs as a SaaS-enabled marketplace. I've succeeded in getting a direct sales mobile app prototype ⁠built on a no-code platform in the hands of multiple users. Feedback has been positive.

MUCH has changed, including the feature set and business model, since Fisher Direct was merely an initiative. The site is overdue for a refresh. But the "why" hasn't.

The project has been met with enthusiasm and the expectations are high. It's a product people want. They want it yesterday. I've done practically zero outreach - majority of the interest is WOM. There's a clear path to monetization. But, this has been largely a solo endeavor.

If you're looking to collaborate on a project ⁠— short or long term ⁠— I'd love to talk. Especially if you're a seafood aficionado, have an interest in local food systems, SaaS and/or online marketplaces.

Near-term challenges:

(a) Product Mgmnt. My time-to-market(testing) needs improvement and an impartial approach to feature prioritization would do wonders.

(b) UX/UI. Guidance on mobile best practices esp. for e-commerce. Perhaps someone with Food & Bev experience?

(c) Mobile Dev. Moving from prototype to production. How to best approach.

(d) Logo and landing page design/dev.

(e) In-app graphics/illustrations esp. for onboarding flow.

Don't hesitate to say hello if you'd like to get involved in an area I haven't mentioned or are interested in a larger conversation.

And eat more 🐟!

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