By Shahrzad Darafsheh 🌺 12 months ago


Hi ladies! I'm so glad I was finally able to login -- been struggling so hard πŸ˜‚So I have some exciting news! My team launched the first video in our SaaS Billing Show series yesterday, and I would love some feedback from you all.

This series is intended to equip business owners in the SaaS community with the essential knowledge they need to run the billing side of their business.

This episode covers:
πŸš€ Types of SaaS business models
πŸ“Š Low-touch SaaS benchmarks
🎯 How to reach product/market fit

Future videos will cover:
- SaaS billing architecture in 2020
- Low-touch SaaS onboarding flows
- Usage-based billing for SaaS
- Self-service customer portal for SaaS

My questions for you all:
Is this video helpful?
What would you like to see differently?

All feedback is welcome. Thank you πŸ’œ

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