By Gabi

Hi, I am a software developer that pivoted to full stack developer since last year. I have worked for over a bit of 10 years in various projects in small to big companies using mostly Java, either on backend with SpringBoot or native Android and as recently with JavaScript and React.js. I love creating products that mean something and are useful and I always want to make it a success.

While I was trying to pivot to full stack, i decided to invest my time and energy into building a product from the ground. That product is, it's a wedding application that we are using a lot now (wedding in 4 months). I am still working on it, we are in beta right now, and a friend of ours started using it for his wedding.
I have started this project because i wanted to learn how to create a product from scratch, to be a product owner and full stack developer. Which i love apparently!

I am looking for my next full time remote opportunity whilst i keep my project in the background. If you are or know somebody that needs a Java developer with React.js and JavaScript skills as well, please let them know I am opened to start collaborating again. I am looking for ethical companies, small to medium preferred and of course decent people/teams that value diversity and kindness.
Thank you for sharing, anything helps.

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