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Hello, so I'm currently building tools for community owners. And I'm in a dilemma, and would love to hear your thoughts and get an advice.

I really want to collaborate with other makers of community building tools. However in a larger sense we are competitors. Like right now I'm building a bot for telegram and I'm not a competitor with most of the products, but if in 6 months I start building community management tool we will be competitors.

So my question is how do you navigate partnerships like that?

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Hi Anna, I have worked in companies before where our competitors are also our partners. I understand that this can be tricky. However, in order to help, can you share a little bit more about how you want to collaborate with other community-building tools?

I think it's good to also understand your motivation. Are you looking to work with them so you can make your product better than what they're offering? If you are, will you be transparent to them about this?

Also understand in what ways are you all different? Sure you may all be building tools for communities but are your communities all different? So while you make be in competition, maybe your target audience may all differ.