By CarmenMadrazo

Hello Women Make!🙌

I can finally share with you my latest project,, a website where you can easily find combinations of flights from multiple origins to a common destination. It's like a Skyscanner for friends/families/couples who live in different cities 😀

I created this site to solve my own (first world) problem. My friends live away and we usually fly somewhere to see each other, but finding the perfect combination of flights was always a pain.

For some reason, neither Skycanner nor other flight search apps have created this feature yet, so I took up web development and decided to do it myself – Yes, I totally underestimated the time this would take me 😂

I plan to add more features in the future like leaving destination as blank and having Halfway Flights suggest you the best destination to fly to or being able to sign up to periodically receive the best combinations to your email.

In the meantime, I would really appreciate your feedback on Halfway Flights (idea/design/function/anything-wise) 😇

Do you find it useful? What would you like it to do?

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