By Emily Jones 8 months ago

This might seem like a strange time to launch, but I (Emily) have been working on something that I think is needed now, more than ever.⁣

Today I’m proud to officially launch Run Panthera, as a new space to inspire women to push harder, run longer and aim higher. Run Panthera is from women for women, helping women support and encourage fellow women in running. As part of this, I’m proud to launch a brand new series called Tales of Runners, which will feature interviews from incredible women. Telling the stories of their motivations and inspirations, the highs of lows of training and their running journeys thus far. ⁣

Run Panthera is needed now more than ever before. With so much uncertainty across the world, from cancelled races to enforced everyday life changes, I hope you can be inspired to carry on running and not give up. ⁣

To begin with, Run Panthera is proud to share stories from three incredible women in running, all on different running paths but all aiming for their own unique goal.

If you’re in need of some inspiration right now, which, let’s face it, a lot of us are, then please visit:

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