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I have a newsletter specifically for employers who want to learn about Diversity and Inclusion as part of I usually just share blog posts written by me.

But I'm going to make this a more frequent weekly email. I'll be sharing articles written by underrepresented people so that employers can directly hear their perspectives. I will also be highlighting folks looking for jobs.

If anyone has any ideas for a name, please let me know. Thank you!

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I'm pretty bad at names, but maybe something like DiversifyWork or DiversifyTechWorkplace might work? That way, you'd keep a reference to the brand. Or maybe RecruitDiversity, although that might be a little too straightforward. DiversifyTechVoices, DiversifyTechNow?

These aren't fantastic but maybe it'll spark some ideas for you :)


Thanks Lea!

  • Tech Talk
  • Tech Tank (as in Think Tank)

Thanks Noemi!


Huge fan of your work ❤️ Curious why not just the Diversify Tech newsletter and why you want to create a separate brand?