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I have a newsletter specifically for employers who want to learn about Diversity and Inclusion as part of I usually just share blog posts written by me.

But I'm going to make this a more frequent weekly email. I'll be sharing articles written by underrepresented people so that employers can directly hear their perspectives. I will also be highlighting folks looking for jobs.

If anyone has any ideas for a name, please let me know. Thank you!

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I'm pretty bad at names, but maybe something like DiversifyWork or DiversifyTechWorkplace might work? That way, you'd keep a reference to the brand. Or maybe RecruitDiversity, although that might be a little too straightforward. DiversifyTechVoices, DiversifyTechNow?

These aren't fantastic but maybe it'll spark some ideas for you :)

  • Tech Talk
  • Tech Tank (as in Think Tank)

Thanks Noemi!


Huge fan of your work ❤️ Curious why not just the Diversify Tech newsletter and why you want to create a separate brand?


Good question! I don't want to create a separate brand. Maybe like a sub name?

The main Diversify Tech newsletter goes out to underrepresented people in tech. And whenever I send that out, I tweet that it went out. This has been confusing the employers as they think they are not getting emails. I'm trying to figure out how to differentiate between them.


Gotcha! You could have two editions, e.g. the Business/Employer Edition and the People Edition. And make it clear which one was sent out. If you need a different name, I like the DiversifyWork suggestion by Léa.