By aishashok

It's great to read about technology, but let's face it—we could also do with a nice break! And, that break needn't be all lousy and boring, for you can still discover fun and interesting reads just after everyday work, during the weekends, or before you sleep.


What do you use 100+NotTech for?

Basically anything—from reading lists, recos, and watercoolers, to did-you-knows and #TodayIlearned, it could be used for every new thing you discover.

How to use 100+NotTech?

- Go to

- Scroll to the section wherein you can choose what to read—Food, Art, Music, Places, or Literature—we've got all.

- Further filter out based on some sub-categories like 'name, people, time, things' and time to read (< 2mins, 2 - 5 mins, over 5 mins)

- And you're set! Enjoy reading new things.

How can you help?

- If you have some fun stuff to add, please add it via or

Got suggestions or ideas? DM me on Twitter or leave a comment here. Let's figure out how to work together. :)

Off you go to check out 100+NotTech -


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