By ks_au

We've been hard at work at Tactiq since we launched our ChatGPT summary earlier this year.

Today, we're beyond excited to unveil our latest innovation: Generative AI Meeting Kits.

Designed to save time for remote teams, creative agencies, and freelancers, our kits are pre-set prompts tailored for different meeting types - from project management to brainstorming sessions.

With AI Meeting Kits, you can: ✅ Use built-in GPT prompts to summarize your meetings in one click ⚙️ Create custom GPT prompts for standups, retros, brainstorming 🤖 Save your AI Meeting Kits and reuse them for all of your unique meeting needs

And the best part? They even make your summaries look neat with instantly created markup tables!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and appreciate your support! Thanks a million!:

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