Women Make Challenge • Edition #1 2018

Just f*ing ship it in 30 days

During October 2018, Women Make organized its own challenge. The goal was simple: build and launch something in 30 days.

Everyone is busy with their life. It can be hard to find time to work on something new and challenging. This hackathon was the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

Our members had 30 days to define a project, build it and launch it. This was also a way to achieve our goals together, build it not in a competitive way, but rather as a community, by helping and supporting each other.

Check out some of our members' projects

Short Stories from the Mind

Short stories with a variety of subjects and styles for a future collection.

This project was born from a compulsion to write a short story every week for a month. Even after I will continue to compose more tales for an eventual collection.

👀 Check the project here.


One-stop resource of ways in which you can help detained immigrant children.

Liberi in latin means both free and children. Nearly 12,800 immigrant children are currently being detained by the U.S. From volunteering, donating, staying informed, there are many way in which you can help.

👀 Check the project here.


Do 1 thing every day to move your business forward.

DailyHustle challenges you to do one thing every day that helps your business move forward. Every activity counts – log and rate them as you go.

👀 Check the project here.


A no-waste platform for sewists.

A commercial website where sewists are able to sell or give their fabric remnants and unwanted notions and patterns to buyers worldwide..

👀 Check the project here.
✅ She shared her progress on Twitter.


Boost your js skills.

Interactive exercice to help you practice your coding skills with fun.

👀 Check the project here.

The Zen of Programming

A blog about code and my life surrounding it.

Programming blog tailored towards welcoming new coders and improving the culture for those in the industry.

👀 Check the project here.

Built By Her

A space to empower women share their projects online.

This platform will be dedicated to celebrating women from all walks of life and showcasing their products for the world to see.

👀 Check the project here.

Portraits by P

Beautiful made-to-order illustrations.

Personalized portraits based on a photo you upload. As an artist this website is an excuse to design a web app and automate comissions.

👀 Check the project here.

House of indie

A website to collect indie local clothing brands.

A website to collect indie clothing brands in Vietnam, target local young brands, provide social media accounts of brands for easy searching.

👀 Check the project here.


Find your career Inweed.

Inweed is a job board for the cannabis industry.

👀 Check the project here.

Formatting poetry and prose

Learn HTML and CSS to share your poetry and prose.

This will be the first class of a series. It will introduce students to HTML and CSS, and how they can use them to align text and manage the white space in their work. Overall the series will teach HTML and CSS to create interactive and visual poetry.

👀 Check the project here.

Learn x OS

Learn software engineering by writing OSS.

Learn by doing - contribute to junior software engineer-friendly Open Source software projects, and pave the way for people learning to program.

👀 Check the project here.

JW Porfolio

Updated personal porfolio made from the power of coffee.

My personal portfolio made with React. First time doing anything with React.

Celine's Portfolio

A new website for my portfolio, built from scratch!

My new site is built with GatsbyJS and Netlify. My goal was to learn a bit of React and build/ship a landing page. I will continue to work on the site with the goal of eventually completing it.

👀 Check the project here.

Make Yourself Great Again

A personal reflection tool for visualizing time.

MYGA helps you think critically about the choices you are making and how this compounds over time. You can track weekly activities and suggests tools to help you be the best version of yourself.

👀 Check the project here.

Bangkok Street Food Recipe Book

Recipes from the Greatest Street Food City on Earth.

Bangkok is known as the best street food city in the world. Yet most Thai food found in Western countries is a mere shadow of the real thing. This book will immerse you in the authentic techniques and ingredients necessary to wow your taste buds and your friends with the best street food in the world.

👀 Check the project here.


A soothing mobile game about a turtle growing up.

"Bloom is a calm gaming experience illustrating the beginning of a turtle's life.
As you progress through mazes, the turtle gets ready for their adult time.
No rush. No ads. A decluttered adventure.".

👀 Check the project here.
✅ She shared her progress on Twitter.

Diversify Tech

Opportunities for Underrepresented People in Tech.

Making the tech industry stronger and more diverse by connecting underrepresented people to more opportunities.

👀 Check the project here.
✅ She shared her progress on Twitter.

Tête à Tech

A website for the Tête à Tech podcast.

Tête à Tech is a show exploring the impact of new technologies on our societies at the intersection of sociology, urbanism, philosophy etc. The website is to help our listeners have an easier access to our latest episodes, but also subscribe to our brand new newsletter.

👀 Check the project here.

Intro to AWS for Newbies

Introduction to AWS for absolute Newbies.

A newsletter course to introduce Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to complete newbies. After taking the course, the student will have general understanding of Cloud Computing, AWS, Cloud Concepts, and AWS Free Tier, as well as have a secured AWS account.

👀 Check the project here.
✅ She shared her progress on Twitter.
✍️ She wrote about it here.


A college-quality education without the debt.

This online school takes college curriculums and matches MOOC courses to them. This gives people the same knowledge of a college degree without having to go to college.

👀 Check the project here.
✅ She shared her progress on Twitter.
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Get Attention

The comprehensive communications strategy for the startup founder that wants to build a memorable, effective brand - but quickly & on the cheap.

A better way to reach the audiences that matter. 50+ pages of insights and activities to nail the fundamentals and build a brand that is primed to get attention.

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✅ She shared her progress on Twitter.
✍️ She wrote about it on Medium.

Make & Shine

An indie maker's guide to personal branding.

Make & Shine is a complete and actionable ebook to guide makers through the process of building a personal brand, growing an audience, and get featured in the press.

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✅ She shared her progress on Twitter.
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WM Podcast

The podcast that puts women in the forefront.

Entrepreneurism as a woman can be lonely, especially when the majority of founders in the spotlight are men.

In this podcast, I interview successful women makers who share their personal stories, experiences, and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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✅ She shared her progress on Twitter.
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