Women Make Podcast

Women Make Podcast

The podcast that puts women at the forefront.

A podcast that puts women makers at the forefront; women from the startup scene, women makers in every sense.

As the founder of an international women makers community, I realized how important personal anecdotes are for inspiring us. Entrepreneurism as a woman can be lonely, especially when the majority of founders in the spotlight are men.

In this podcast, I interview successful women makers who share their personal stories, experiences, and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. Each month we come together to hear a new story of what makes a maker.

Someone you'd like me to interview? Send me your suggestion at [email protected].

Episode #1 • Kate Kendall

Kate is British but she lived in Australia since she was 10. In 2010, she left her job as a digital director of a magazine company and headed to San Francisco. She worked for different startups then did some consulting in freelance while being semi-nomadic.

In 2011 she created The Fetch, a tech city guide, then CloudPeeps in 2014, a marketplace to hire freelancers. She’s also a writer, an advisor and has been involved in various communities.

Among other things we talked about what it’s like to be a woman founder, how to find a work/life balance, especially when you work with your husband, loneliness and freedom in entrepreneurism and also how women can lead the change in the tech industry.

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