Just f*ing ship it, 2nd edition

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- Update (October, 31st) -

It's live! 🚀 The challenge is now over. Discover all the amazing projects launched by the participants.

👉 Take a look

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During the month of October, Women Make is having its own hackathon.

The participants have 30 days to define a project, build it and launch it. This is also a way to achieve our goals together, build it not in a competitive way, but rather as a community, by helping and supporting each other.

Last year, Women Make held the first edition. It resulted in dozens of projects launched in a month! Online course, book, app, blog, podcast, job board, website, online store, newsletter... You name it! Check out the result!

So, are you in? We are waiting for you!

When is this happening?

The challenge is starting on October 1st and we launch together on October 31st. But you can join anytime!

How to participate?

• Add you name to this spreadsheet.

• Signup on Women Make if you haven't already (there is a signup button on the top right corner of this page).

• Subscribe to the newsletter so you can receive updates about the challenge.

You are not alone

We are doing this challenge together, as a community, so you will be surrounded by supportive people while working on your project.

Participants are working alongside, helping each other. Get feedback and advice from the 400+ members of Women Make.

Still feeling hesitant?

🗓 Not available on October 1st? We are flexible, you can start later.

💡 No idea? We can help you with that! Ask for help on our Telegram group or on the forum.

🤔 Feeling hesitant? Join us, we'll know how to motivate you.

❓ Any question? Just ask on our Telegram chat (you'll get the link after signing up) or on the forum.


You are free to organize yourself how you want to. The only deadline is at the end of the month. You have 30 days to build your product. On October 31st we all launch together! I will build a page, like last year, gathering all of our products.

If you're looking for a template, Lorraine shared a nice planning on Google Sheets. Last year, Anne-Laure also shared one. Feel free to use them!

Build in the open

I strongly recommend you build your project in the open. Regularly share updates on Women Make (on the Telegram group, on the website). Use the hashtag #WomenMakeChallenge on Twitter and Instagram so I can find your posts and re-share them with the Women Make account.

Last year, many participants wrote a Twitter thread and updated it during the challenge. See a few examples here:

• Hiro created an online course

• Veni launched a website

• Clo developed a game

• Kelly wrote an eBook

This will help you to stay consistent and make yourself accountable.


If you're looking for ideas, you can find some in our spreadsheet. You can also find inspiration here. We also have a list of resources and tools you can use to build your product. Feel free to add more!


You're good to go! Now commit yourself and announce your participation on Twitter.

Your contribution to this community is essential.
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