Mridu Bhatnagar

I am a developer by profession. I love to build things, write about them, and give talks at meetups and conferences.

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Hi @bhumi1102 It seems like the link is broken. I am getting an error file not found 404. Congratulations, on writing a book. :)

Thank you!

I have updated the broken links now.

Hey Rita

Thank you for writing the answers and for having a look at the website.

In my case, the limitation was that I am neither into the design and nor into front-end development. I ideally thought of building everything from scratch but because of this had to let go of the idea.

Some years back I used to write on medium, then for a while started writing on Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out the solution. Also, I wasn't very comfortable sharing personal stories on any third party platform. Hence, wanted a personal space.

Another limitation with the existing platforms was that it felt more like only writing. I mean I could not use my developer skills anywhere. So, I was also looking for a solution where everything is not readymade. I wanted to do a bit off DIY stuff. And, my current solution allowed me to do that.

I am still apprehensive about how the costs would be once the content grows. But, I think that is not an immediate concern as of now.

Yes, views are definitely a trade-off when it comes to personal platform. I am hoping to build an audience. Though it is going to take its due course of time.

Thank you so much bhumi. :)