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Notion link fixed, Notion newbie over here and it shows :)

To be fair, I've done some tests already and the v1 MVP is not from scratch.

I am defining my goals in terms of things that are only dependent on me (not the market) and viable within my constraints (full time job).

I verbalised my ideal outcome in a year, and then my ideal outcome in 30 days, weighed ib my contstraints and that's how I came to it. Full journal: https://www.notion.so/3f37af0f3b734d0095191f5bca0c2fc3?v=f8319cade7684492b98f2b637f02c8bf

My goals for 30 days are: Ship MVP Ship basic landing page Get 50 beta users signed up Ship advanced version

Happy to help, working remote for 2 + 2 years already.

I am joining the #WomenMakeChallenge πŸš€ I will be expanding on the idea behind thebooksbywomen.com a bit - want to create a curated list of great tweets, books and articles written by women in tech πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» I bought readwomen.tech to commit! Onward and upward! Looking forward to reading up on the projects for everyone joining!