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Hey, thanks for answering. For example I'm currently building bots for Telegram, Slack and Discord to help community builders with analytics and monetization, and simultaneously I'd love to partner with community building tool like Orbit ( I mainly would love to enlarge my audience. With partnering on podcast episode for example.

Hey, love to see this. Actually I'm looking for someone to collaborate with I'm a developer and I have a lot of projects ongoing and upcoming. I need someone to help me with understanding the marketing side of things. Let me know if anyone is interested, twitter @angrigoryan__

Ah, I feel you! where are you located geographically? :)

Look at all this fun we're having filing taxes 😂

I started with C#, core, then I transferred to NodeJS, because as in remote jobs Js is more popular. However, my heart is still with C#.

this community is amazing! what's your stack?

yes, freedom is awesome, and the sudden stuff that you have to do because no one else will do it. Like accounting, taxes and stuff, figuring out incorporation, followup-ing like you never followup-ed :D