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Wish I could help on that one.

For me it was mostly trial and error.

When really stuck, I would Google the cause-problem and navigate my through the results. I have seen most resources on HubSpot, almost all their landing pages and blog posts are tied to guides and ebooks which are really helpful. I started with MailChimp, so for slightly account related issues I would stick with their resources.

Every idea is a "dumb idea" before it has users, you're atleast working on a good one.

Try to build this waitlist to a 1000 or so, I don't know about your list building experience but I think below 500 subscribers there won't be much conversions to begin with. If you're more experienced, and since you have less time, work on an automated welcoming sequence, ask questions, engage with the people really interested in your idea and try to shape the product to what your engaged subscribers want.

If you have a little bit more time, be more hands on by personally sending and replying to your early subscribers.

Talk to as many people as your time allows. Post this in Women Make (this) community's Telegram chat, there seems to more responses there, so.

There are no particular number to start working on. Start working on a MVP when you're comfortable with your early members. In fact, if you have a MVP more will be open to signing up and your early subs may engage more.

Wishing you the best with your project 🙌

From a general viewpoint, you have addressed a lot of questions before they even pop up.

For an app of this kind the problem is usually numbers, or say catch 22. You may want to address that starting from now.

You could say join the waitlist of 25+ or 50+ or your current number+ and when you launch, you display number of online users/total active users from the last 24hrs. I mean no one would want to join/use if there aren't others using it because of this app's nature. So my point is, let your visitors know others are using it as you iterate.

From the website part you have every other aspect to make someone join or try your app but I would personally recommend working closely with your early members.