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Thanks for letting me know. I will take a look at this.

Oh, that sounds like not ideal :) I just tried from a different device, and it loaded some cards with info. Wondering if the request takes too much time.

Uhuuuu!! Congrats and thank you. Sorry for the late reply, only now I saw the notification.

Hello, I started a wedding management web app: but not sure if I can continue with it and in what form. Hope this helps.

Hello, I am a fullStack (react.js,JavaScript, java, SpringBoot ) developer and have worked with Android native for some years. Can you give more details about the projects/products? You can email me here if you want [email protected] I am working on my side project as well while looking for a new remote job, and I am curious about projects all the time.

Hello, this is my technical article about using Flyway database migrations with SpringBoot: and the article to show how to create a left sidebar mobile responsive in React.js: