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Post weekly videos on making things without code, past PM and operations lead at a couple of startups.

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April 04, 2020

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Bhumi, so happy to see it out! The pre-order link is broken though :(

Thank you so much Melanie!

Hi everyone! I've never designed or coded for a living and this year I want to get really good at making things using no-code tools. I am at my stage of transition where I want to do my own thing next, but haven’t found the right idea or the co-founders. That’s why I decided — instead of just sitting around, and waiting for things to happen this year, I want to commit to becoming really good at making stuff. Initially I started writing blog posts but quickly realized it's too long. And so i ended up making videos. Btw, it's really unnerving to see oneself on video :) Anyway here's the deal - every week I'll share things you can make in less than an hour if you are non technical. If you have any ideas/feedback on things you want to make that will be awesome. Finally if you like the content I put out please like and subscribe to the channel! Thank you so much <3

I built this ten days ago and have been updating it daily. If your company is hiring let me know! Let's help each other out :)