Weekly Digest #99 (Jul 8, 2021)

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    Women Make is bootstrapped and it's definitely a full-time job. If you find value in this community and want me to keep running it, please consider supporting it.
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    Featured members of the week

    Julia Rajsaam
    Product designer at @joinsteadyEN, speaker, facilitator, accidental polyglot. 🖌🧭🇬🇧🇫🇷🇮🇹🇭🇺 She/her.
    👩‍💻 Working on vimeo.com/413810753, juliaracsko.com/attentive-design.

    📍 Berlin
    Independent/freelance fullstack javascript developer, with a preference for vue.js development.
    👩‍💻 Working on blokii.com.

    📍 Houston
    Nomad 🎒 Indie Dev 👩‍🎤 Dog Lover 🐶 | Founder leavemealone.app & subscriptionscore.com
    👩‍💻 Working on leavemealone.app, squarecat.io, uptimebar.app, subscriptionscore.com.

    📍 Chiang Mai 🇹🇭
    Winnie Phan
    Design and code at Catlab.dev, maker of NomadWallet app. Not a fan of Unicorns, I believe in Zebras. Living somewhere in tropical places.
    👩‍💻 Working on nomadwalletapp.com.

    📍 Da Nang 🇻🇳
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