Weekly Digest #109 (Dec 30, 2021)

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    Featured members of the week

    Noosh Baratpour
    I have a passion for creating, organizing, and efficiency. Mixing these three, I work as the co-founder and COO of Formaloo. Check it out! formaloo.com
    👩‍💻 Working on formaloo.com/en.

    📍 Tallinn
    Natalia Albin
    I'm a writer, graphic designer and brand specialist.

    📍 London 🇬🇧
    I’m a mobile app developer creating a platform for distributing paywalled audio content. My first app is used by 7,000 singers to learn music for their choir or chorus. I’m currently building the next generation of that product and planning for the future.
    👩‍💻 Working on playbackgenius.com.

    📍 Atlanta
    Find Women Make on Twitter and Instagram.