Agrata Patel

super excited 🌟🌟 bipolar🧠overthinking 💭 kid practicing product design -Previously Samsung, Senior IIT Guwahati


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AR VR Design

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February 25, 2020

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Hi Anna,
That's awesome! I'm not into marketing, but I can help you with the branding collaterals or UX interfaces you might need. not able to dm you on twitter but please shoot a message @b0urnvita 🌸 on twitter again!

Definitely, I believe we can pull off great things when working as a team. On a lookout for working with people of different skillsets 👀 especially front-end and Android developers.
I'm a product and interface designer very much interested in building digital products. Currently working on a pill reminder application and an earthquake mitigation system. If any of this interests you, hit me up! I'd love to know more ✨